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Because we have more to do with stress, exhaust fumes, a deteriorated environment, food has been processed, etc., everyone can use some extra protection and vitamins and minerals.⁠ Secretly we break more important processes in our body and our skin due to these bad influences than is dear to us. We often see that early on. That is why Cell First nourishes and protects from within.

Cell First |

Let’s protect

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Cell First contains a mix of antioxidants to protect beautiful skin for as long as possible

Content: 270 grams


Because we have more to do with exhaust fumes, a deteriorated environment, food has been processed, etc., everyone can use some extra protection.⁠ Even if you already have a strong skin barrier, because we often do not fully consider what we do on a daily basis. break down the base by the aforementioned influences. Why not provide extra support for the protective function of your skin? In order not to unnecessarily tear down what we naturally build up and so that you feel good and radiate.

Sun is one of the biggest culprits, which is why our Cell First had to provide sun protection from within. Copper also contributes to normal skin pigmentation. But it protects you from a lot more. Because did you know that even a bad night's sleep can have an effect? And stress, for example, literally eats at you and your skin. That is why Cell First nourishes and protects from within.

It contains a mix of antioxidants, including Resveratrol, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine ​​(NAC), copper, zinc, vitamins E and C. With which Cell First contributes to protecting against harmful influences.

In addition, Cell First contains a mix of vitamins and minerals. We know that vitamins and minerals are important to keep the body functioning, so that it can eventually initiate a process in the skin.

Chlorella and Spirulina help with detoxification, as it is normal for even the best of skin to have an occasional breakout outbreak. There is nothing wrong with that. But would you rather not see these? Then Cell First can offer you a solution.


Did you know that Cell First is also available for children from 12 years old? To be able to supplement any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. However, we are legally obliged to issue a warning for products with more than 20 μg of vitamin D per daily dose.

An antioxidant helps your healthy cells to fight against free radical damage. Free radicals are aggressive compounds that arise during various metabolic processes in the body, which cause damage when our cells are not properly protected (with premature aging or skin with inflammation as a result). This is due to stress, poor sleep, (UV) radiation, poor nutrition and much more. The environment can also have an influence.

An antioxidant boost is therefore a combination of protectors for our cells that you want as much as possible. 

Do you want to work on volume building?
Then we recommend the Cell Elixer.

Until your 25th - 30th you naturally still produce enough for a firm and healthy skin.

Do you suffer from serious and permanent inflammation on your skin that you want to get rid of?
Then we recommend Cell Pure.

You may wonder why a powder? This is for the best absorption into the bloodstream and to prevent you from ingesting unnecessary fillers and binders as with, for example, a pill form.

Would you like to taste it first? Then visit us and get good advice right away!

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